Memory of the Holocaust
Special Project
 עבודת וידאו ארט היא חלק מאוסף סרטי השואה 
 SFC -


Involvement in the Holocaust difficult for me, especially from a place of artistic expression. 

Holocaust and art seem like a strange combination words. 

I am glad that the opportunity given to me engage in this difficult topic.

The film is devoted to my grand mother Hella Ripko Mika's family which were murdered in the Holocaust. 

At the end of a movie, I relate to the liberation of the Jews. Establishment of the State of Israel.

The film is based on the images painted on the computer, sometimes for Sorielistim images 

The Images are in my head for a long time.

More than 60 years have passed Since the Holocaust and memory is still the designer of our lives.

Holocaust always here, Writing the language, the world reflects the private and public.

We have no way to disconnect from it.


My memory of my film is emotional, surrealistic some extent, even though he was not so documentary 

Essence, in the time I worked on it I had to disconnect and return to reality. It was very difficult

Throughout the work, I am touching narrative Looked personal images in my head seeing all the years 

Stories On the Holocaust influenced me since I was a child, sights of documentary films very difficult.

A series of works that tell the story of the Holocaust, as I see it.
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