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A series of digital media drawing

סדרות ציורים במדיה דיגיטלית

Limited edition prints up to 7 prints only
in different sizes

Woman can bring children into the world, but she can also search of true spiritual re-birth itself. Inside the circle by meeting the internal process the personal outburst, look into the woman herself. 

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הקליקו על התמונות להגדלה

The Secrets of the woman body 2009-2011

The Dance of the shapes 2012-2013

Shapes, fantasy, this series based on different shapes, snails, squares, circles. This abstract and colorful series, which The shapes receive their own language. They're dancing on top of backgrounds, often blend.
The shapes created fantasy is a kind of "dance".

The Dance of the shapes 13
The Dance of the shapes 14
The Dance of the shapes 15
The Dance of the shapes 16
The Dance of the shapes 19
The Dance of the shapes 20
The Dance of the shapes 21
The Dance of the shapes 22

Abstract "color celebration" 2018

Sometimes the colors can express emotions and feelings.
Joy or sadness. From the subject of reflected subjects there is
Colors play a very central role in my work.

Abstract "color celebration" 2
Abstract "color celebration" 3
Abstract "color celebration" 4
Abstract "color celebration" 7
Abstract "color celebration" 9

"Cybernetic Balls” 2014-2015

A series of surrealistic digital works based on images in 3D: people, landscape, and the relationship between them. We need to protect our planet.  It’s not a game. This is our life on earth.

Cybernetics, a concept used in the field of applied mathematics, deals with communication between human beings, control systems, organizations, and machines.

This digital drawing is dedicated to the America-Israel Cultural Foundation's 80th Anniversary

Between the layers 2016-2017

Our lives between physical layers as fabrics, many obstacles, between layers of thoughts some are emotional. Sometimes a woman wearing

a lot of layers. To reveal itself she should remove all the layers, not the ones she was wearing, but the layers that conceal all her thoughts and desires.

Soft rabbits 2018-2019

Since my beloved mother died, I began to draw rabbits
with Ferr. As if I wanted to wrap everything softly and think everything would be all right. The fears appeared in the paintings, in the shape of a devil woman.