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 Special exhibitions and projects
 Older DESIGN projects
Work technique
The uniqueness of the art which generates by the artist Tammy Mike Laufer, is three dimensional technique. This connection between the transmission of sensory information from the real world to virtual reality fantasy world. This is in fact like building a composition in three-dimensional virtual space, like construction of stage theater . Virtual setting. You can see it but you can not touch it.
Combined work between multiple programs, creating a digital illusion, surreal.
The artist draws with a digital pencil on a board, connected to the computer.
Create different textures in a two dimensional software, and transfer them to three-dimensional software. Software as a controlling many different painting techniques, the most complex works.
The composition starts from building in a clean and empty, three-dimensional virtual space. The artist draws in a three-dimensional space and constructs the idea of the creation.
For example, the artist directs the three-dimensional people objects, as they were in reality actors and models  just as director directs In real life, changing angles, turns, lifts head or hand.
The artist to understand the composition, lighting, color, position, just like in real life.
The digital works can be printed on any material like fabric, metal, plexiglas, and in any size.
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